Space Camp

Space Camp
  • Each fall, Farnsworth sixth- and eighth-graders are eligible for one of our most exciting field trips. A trip that will challenge them physically and mentally. An experience that will expose them to a host of engineering and aerospace technology careers.

    This exciting trip takes them to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

    At Space Camp our students experience a week of opportunities and challenges that put their Farnsworth skills in teamwork and problem solving to the test. They also make some new friends from around the country and even the world at this internationally acclaimed aerospace and aviation camp.

    Two Levels of Programs:

    Space Camp - Sixth grade teams participate in a week full of personal growth in leadership, aerospace classroom learning and hands-on technical experience, friendship making, and team building.

    Aviation Challenge - Seasoned eighth grade Space Campers are thrust into a completely new experience in this program. Campers receive a taste of the training NASA pilots undergo. This program tests their endurance and discipline as they learn land survival skills, and build upon their Farnsworth knowledge base in advanced simulated flight.