Notes from Tuesday's Meeting

  • History Mystery Meeting
    Ms. Lovestrand’s class
    April 2, 2013
    Chinu, Alfredo, Cathy Jaime, Jessica, Sean Shiro, Dillion, Yazheng, Thomas, Jaida,

    We are wondering if the lake in the pictures is Phalen.
    What should/could we do with the pictures?
    What were those tents in the pictures?
    What does Tarzan have to do with the lake?
    Did Johnny Weismueller have a party there?

    Neighbors  Teachers
    Senior citizens  History Center
    Sage and Tracy  Mr. Carr
    Other history researchers

    Share the photographs and the story they tell in the following ways:
    With History Center/Museum
    Neighbors of Phalen Lake
    Students in our school

    Action Steps
    Find out more about photos
    Contact and meet with Mr. Carr regarding technology
    Develop plans to present the story
    April  Take about a week) to gather information from contacts.
    May-  do the final project. (whatever is decided as we work with Mr. Carr)

    Assignments thus far:
    Alfredo:  checked with Ms. Lovestrand and set up meeting with Mr. Carr.
    Jaime:  will talk to Sage about getting g a senior to talk to us.
    Dillion:  will google history of Phalen Lake
    Yazheng will google information on Johnny Weismueller.
    Jaida:  will google old pictures of Phalen from MN History Center.

    History Mystery
    Ms. Dundek’s Class
    April 2, 2013
    GaoSee, Surachai, Mong, Jacob, Minew, Kendell, Alyssa, Connie, Miriana, Yinglai,

    Where did the pictures come from?
    What is the Tarzan connection to Lake Phalen?
    What can we do with these pictures?

    Parks and Recreation  Mr. Carr
    Sage and Tracy   History Center
    Senior Citizens that grew up around Phalen

    Project Ideas
    Get the pictures on TV or newspaper
    Put photos on a website
    Make a power point
    Host a reunion

    Action Steps
    Meet with Mr. Carr on Friday, April 5th at 10:45
    Make decisions after meeting with Mr. Carr

    Assignments thus far:
    Connie:  will google MN History Center to learn more about Phalen
    Mong:  will google Phalen Lake Pictures
    Kendell:  will contact Sage’s friend who works for the East Side Review about doing a story in the newspaper about our class project!