Computer Projects

  • Project for Specific Grade Levels

    Students learn at different pace.  That is true with computer skills as well.  Although computer skills are taught, students will be expected to have certain projects finished according to their level of learning.  Higher achievers will be expected to expand their knowledge by adding or extending their learning through different avenues.

    Students will be introduced to software applications as well as different Internet portals to enriched their learning.  Internet is a huge part of our learning process.  We will use the Internet to complete a lot of our projects across all grade levels.  Third through sixth grade classes will learn Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  Most will utilize some sort of multimedia application.  

    Here are some expected projects that students at Frost Lake will complete:

    Kindergarten Lessons:
        Semester 1: Internet Safety, Intro. to computers, Shapes, Num1-10
        Semester 2: Num_Pics, Colors, Winter, Coding, Keyboarding (1-15)
        Semester 3: Day/Night, Dinosaur, ABC quiz, Keyboarding (10-23)

    1st Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Internet Safety, Parts, Me, (Winter), Intro. to Keyboarding (1-15)
        Semester 2-City/Country, ABC, Coding, Keyboarding (11-23)
        Semester 3-Internet Safety, Move I & II, Keyboarding (23-50)

    2nd Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Internet Safety, Parts, Family, Neighbor, Keyboarding (1-23)
        Semester 2-Months/Charts, Seesaw- Hunt, Coding, Keyboarding (23-50)
        Semester 3-Shuttle, Big Books, Keyboarding (50-88)

    3rd Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Internet Safety, Parts, Keyboarding (1-23)
        Semester 2-Flyer, Sign (door), Google- Hunt, Coding, Keyboarding (23-50)
        Semester 3-Patch, Planets-slide, Brochure, Keyboarding (50-126)

    4th Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Internet Safety, (Mousercise), Coat of Arm (C_Montage), Coding, Keyboarding (1-50)
        Semester 2-Google Drive (Wish List, Wish Project, Graph-survey, Google- Hunt), Coding, Keyboarding (50-126)
        Semester 3-Slideshow (pptx), Keynote (logo), Coding (robotics), Keyboarding (126-191)

    5th Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Internet Safety, (Mousercise), License (L_Montage), Keyboarding (1-50)
        Semester 2-Wish-Excel, Google- Hunt, School (3D), Internet Safety, Keyboarding (50-126)
        Semester 3-SurveyQ/Data, Presentation/Keynote (flag), Green Screen, Coding (robotics), Keyboarding (126-191+)
    6th Grade Lessons:
        Semester 1-Logo (School/family), Wish, Spreadsheet
        Semester 2-Internet Safety, Database (Address Book)
        Semester 3-Web page, iMovie

    Note: Keyboarding usually starts the second quarter (Winter) of school.