Marching Band

  • The Marching Band is a group of students from Intermediate and Advanced bands who participate in community events when invited.. The band has participated in the following events: The Torchlight Parade during the Winter Carnival, the Saint Paul School Patrol Parade, Cinco de Mayo, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade, the new Twins Stadium and at a special Airspace Minnesota event at Fort Snelling. The band still participates with the Saint Paul School Patrol Parade, Harvest Day Parade, and Water Fest Day.


    The String players consist of Beginning Strings and Advanced Strings. The Advanced String players have been invited to play at events such as The Marvelous Mittens (at the District Office), Eastside Businesses (Carpetner's Union, Train Depot) , MN Sinfonia, and has performed for specal events when aerospace events occur in school.