Kindergarten Parent Handbook

  • Welcome to Hamline Elementary Kindergarten!


    Your child’s teachers are:

    Carol Schjei            room 1216

    Kathleen Walsh       room 1217

    Family safety

    Please send your child with a large, labeled backpack daily.  We will provide each child with a backpack tag listing:

    • a first and last name,
    • drop off address,
    • phone number,
    • bus stop corner for afternoon drop off and
    • lunch number.

    We keep this card with your child’s backpack all year.  Please let us know if any information changes.  We want to work with you to keep your child safe.

    ***Please let your child’s teacher/nurse know about any allergies or health concerns.


    Attendance - School Day (8:15 - 3:00)

    Your child needs to be at school each day unless he/she is sick.  If you feel your child cannot participate in the daily indoor and outdoor activities, please keep them at home.  If your child will be absent, call the school to report the absence  (651) 293-8715.  Please send a NOTE when your child returns. Legally, all excused and unexcused absences are reported and documented.


    Clothing and personal items

    Your child may work with messy materials.  We will go outside daily so please dress your child appropriately.  

    Most kindergartners cannot tie shoes tight enough for active play.  Please have a plan, provide Velcro or slip-on shoes so your child does not miss learning time because of shoe problems.  

    ***Please leave jewelry and playthings at home.


    Friday Folders

    We will send a weekly newsletter home each Friday.  Please watch for classroom information, events, and activities your family can do at home.

    Please know that the back of each newsletter will have specific homework activities that support your child’s oral language and literacy development.

    Educational research supports these activities for your child’s best chance at academic success.



    Homework expectations for kindergartners and families will include:

    daily reading, fine motor activities (drawing, coloring, cutting), listening and following multi-step directions.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Practice at

    home really shows in a student’s achievement.  A homework routine will benefit your child throughout their education.


    School Library

    Your child will check a book out each day, Monday through Thursday.  Please, please make reading aloud a part of your daily routine.  Educational studies have shown the best readers are those that are read to frequently before first grade.  Reading is a lifetime skill that is used everyday, and we want your child to be the best reader he/she can be.  You are your child’s first teacher.  If you think their education is important, they will too!

    *Library rule:  If the library book is not in your hands, please keep it in your backpack.  Families are responsible to pay our school librarian for any lost or damaged books.


    Breakfast and Lunch

    A free breakfast is provided for all students attending Hamline.  

    We also offer free lunch for all children.

    Please see the monthly menu online to know what your child will be eating each day.  

    We have a lunch form that we ask each family to complete.  The form is available online.


    Home Visits

    Relationships matter.  Your Kindergarten teachers are interested in building relationships with your family.  We believe parents and teachers are equally important co-educators.  The parent is the expert on the individual child while the teacher is the expert on the curriculum that must be mastered for success.  We want to work together to give your child the best learning opportunities.



    We will use our classroom bathrooms as individuals and our school bathrooms as a group.   Please talk with your child about good restroom habits and how to wash their hands well.  We want to have healthy students.


    School Supplies and Field Trips

    We understand this is a busy and exciting time for your family.  We, as teachers, are able to buy school supplies at cost and are willing to shop for your family.


    We are asking families to pay $35.00 for each child to have school supplies, 6 field trips and a T-shirt.

    Here is a list of our field trips:

    Mississippi River and Minnehaha Fall

    Dodge Nature Center

    Bell Museum

    Hamline University Gymnastic Experience

    The Children’s Museum

    Flint Hills Orway

    Other field trips as they arise


    Hamline Kindergarten Website

    Please watch for more details in your child’s Friday folder.

    How to get to:  Hamline Kindergarten Classroom Websites

    • click on Classrooms on banner near top of page
    • scroll down and click on Kindergarten
    • you will be at the grade level homepage - you’ll find our daily schedule, teacher email and contact info., and other important information.
    • look to the right to see names of teachers, click on your teacher’s name to see the classroom page


    Welcome to Hamline Elementary!  We look forward to working with your family.  We have a great program and great children to work with this year.  Please feel free to let us know about any questions or concerns.  We want this to be a positive learning experience for everyone.