English Language Learners

  • Hamline Elementary has an English Language (EL) Program to serve non-native English speaking students.   EL Teachers work with the MLL (Multilingual Learning) students in obtaining a more advanced level of English language acquisition.  The EL teachers work with the EL students in a variety of settings, including in the general education classroom to provide additional language-focused support, as well as by scaffolding and supplementing learning for small group literacy and language instruction in the EL classroom.

    For the 2019-2020 academic year, Mr B (Michael Brown) is Hamline's EL Team Lead and only teacher in the EL program.  He obtained his Master in Education and MN license in Teaching English as a Second Language, and he had taught in four accredited American/International-curriculum accredited schools in Taiwan, Costa Rica and Switzerland before joining the Hamline Team in 2019.  Having learned a few of languages at a varying degree of levels, he knows what learning a second or third language is like, and he hopes to assist the EL students at Hamline in learning language through a variety of methods. 

ELL students are learning names of fruits and vegetables by planting some of their favorites in our raised gardens.