Interpersonal Intelligence (Source: Walter McKenzie

  • Students with a strong interpersonal intelligence:

    • Seek the support of a group
    • Value relationships
    • Enjoy collaborative work
    • Solicit input from others
    • Enjoy sharing about themselves
    • Display a "winning" personality
    • Tend to be natural leaders 

    Support this intelligence in the classroom by:

    • Allowing interaction among students during learning tasks
    • Including activities where students work in groups
    • Providing opportunities for students to select their own groups
    • Forming cooperative groups wherein each member has an assigned role
    • Planning activities where students form teams to be successful
    • Allowing competition that promotes higher level achievement
    • Incorporating structured dramatic activities in which students can role play
    • Utilizing resource people to invigorate your classroom
    • Promoting interaction with other classes by participating in learning tasks together 

    Technologies that stimulate this intelligence:

    • Class discussion
    • Post-it notes
    • Greeting card
    • Laboratory
    • Telephone
    • Walkie-talkie
    • Intercom
    • Board games
    • Costumes
    • Collaborative projects
    • Chat
    • Message boards
    • Instant messenger