First Grade Program of Inquiry

  • Curriculum is developed through the framework of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The curriculum is based on an inquiry approach to learning. Each grade level organizes the curriculum based on six organizing themes and Units of Inquiry.

    Our Six First Grade Organizing Themes and Units of Inquiry Are:

    1. Who We Are: Families

    Central Idea: Family uniqueness contributes to diversity

    Key Concepts: form, change, connection

    Lines of Inquiry: family membership; family change; families' similarities and differences

    2. How the World Works: Simple Machines

    Central Idea: Technology increases efficiency

    Key Concepts: form, function, reflection

    Lines of Inquiry: the characteristics of simple machines; the use of simple machines in everyday life; the process used to select a simple machine to complete a specific task

    3. Sharing the Planet: Microbes

    Central Idea: Survival depends on coexistence

    Key Concepts: function, change, responsibility 

    Lines of Inquiry: microbe characteristics; harmful and helpful microbes, ways to stay healthy 

    4. How We Express Ourselves: Exploring Creativity

    Central Idea: Reflection strengthens appreciation 

    Key Concepts: connection, perspective, reflection

    Lines of Inquiry: use of the visual elements of color, line, shape and texture to create art; use of personal interpretation of various art techniques to create a piece of art; use a variety of two and three-dimensional art forms

    5. How We Organize Ourselves: Economics

    Central Idea: Wants drive trade

    Key Concepts: perspective, causation, change               

    Lines of Inquiry: wants and needs; costs and benefits of choices; scarcity

    6. Where We are in Place and Time: Shelters

    Central Idea: People have a basic need for shelter

    Key Concepts: causation, connection, perspective

    Lines of Inquiry: need for shelter; economic, environmental, and cultural influences on shelter choices; changes which have occurred in shelters over time