A Common Curriculum

  • In the spring of 2004, J.J. Hill's E2 (grades four through six) staff met on several occasions to coordinate curriculum. Over a period of years, individual teachers naturally begin to diverge somewhat in terms of what they teach. Our recent efforts have put all of us back "on the same page."

    See for yourself.

    What's listed in each of the links below is taught in every E2 classroom. It's one of our commitments to the parents and students we serve. Each teacher has a unique approach to the presentations listed, but you can be assured that, in whichever classroom your child is placed, that he or she will be receiving the same content. Please note, however, that what you find below is a work in progress. We like what we have so far, but we do plan a few changes, a few refinements, as we talk more.

    It took a lot of teamwork to put this curriculum in place, a process that has been aided by the placement of all five E2 classrooms in the southwest corner of the building.

    We hope you appreciate the work we have done to improve our service to the children and parents of J.J. Hill.

    High Standards & MCA Practice
    At JJ Hill Montessori School rigor and high standards are the norm.  Webelieve all students can achieve to their highest level.  Each gradelevel has specific state & district outcomes they are working toaccomplish daily.  Opportunity for practice with the MinnesotaComprehensive Assessments is given to all students.  Check out theMinnesota MCA website to see actual test questions.  If you have a fewextra minutes each week, improve your child's math & reading skillsby having them try out these test questions!