Grade Four Math Curriculum

  • EII/Math Curriculum for Grade Four
    Addition, Subtraction Facts, Multiplication, and Division Facts
    Addition and Subtraction Problems
    Multiplication/mastery of one digit multipliers at least
    Division Problems/mastery of one digit divisor at least
    Problem Solving (TOPS or other)
    Quizzes on basic computation reflecting expectations of SAT 10 testing
    Lowest Common Multiple (L.C.M.)
    Greatest Common Divisor (G.C.F.)
    F.O.S.S. Measurement kit
    Customary (English) measurement
    Fractions: types (proper, improper, apparent, mixed numbers)
    Comparing fractions
    Equivalent fractions
    Adding and subtracting like denominators/introduce borrowing
    Reducing (using G.C.F.)
    Changing improper fractions to mixed numbers
    Multiplying fractions or/adding, subtracting unlike denominators
    Decimal Candelabra
    Introduction of decimals beads and number cards
    Place value using the yellow board/”graph paper application”
    Money as “hundredths”
    Activities for reading decimals numbers
    Addition and subtraction of decimals
    Basic solving for unknowns (use boxes and/or letter variables such as “n,” “x.”)
    Powers of Number
    “The Very Strange Continent” and/or “Powers Strips”
    Mean, Median, Mode, Range
    Concept of Percents
    Overview of basic relationships between percents, decimals, and fractions (chart)
    Cross multiplication
    Squaring binomials and trinomials
    Congruence, Similarity, Equivalence with “Insets of Equivalence”
    Classification of plane and solid figures
    Chance and Data Handling
    Data collection/Surveys: graphing applications
    Probability/Outcome of random experiments
    Permutations (depict possible arrangements of 2 to 3 objects