Grade Five Cultural Curriculum

  • Grade Five/Cultural Curriculum for E2 students


    • Chinese Box: Non-chordate
    • Vital Functions of Animals (timing of instruction varies w/individual teacher)


    • Advanced Nomenclature (Garden Scavenger Hunt)

    Human Anatomy

    • The Great River

    Earth Science

    • Rocks/Minerals
    • The Atmosphere and its Phenomena


    • Acids and Bases


    • F.O.S.S Kit: Mixtures and Solutions


    • Continent Study: Europe & Australia
      • Physical
      • Political
      • Economic
    • The Study of a Nation (U.S. Geography)
    • The Atmosphere and its Phenomena


    • Great Civilizations: Egypt through the Middle Ages
    • American History: Forming a Nation

    *Various physics concepts such as electricity, magnetism, buoyancy, flight, balance, inertia, simple machines, motion, light, and sound will be covered during your child’s three years, by means of traditional Montessori classroom experiments, or F.O.S.S. (Full Option Science System) kits. The kits listed are usually done as a whole group, not by grade. The above listing indicates age appropriate knowledge of certain physical concepts.