Homework in EII

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  • All EII students should expect one hour of homework four nights a week.

    Monday Night - Reading

    Tuesday Night - Reading and Math

    Wednesday Night - Reading and Writing

    Thursday Night - Spelling

    We respect that students might not always complete their homework because of other commitments.  If your child is not able to complete their work, they must bring a note signed by a parent letting us know why they were not able to complete their homework.  All late work needs to be completed and turned in within one week of the due date.

    Students who do not bring a note and have not completed their homework will be required to attend study hall during their recess on the day the work was due. 

High Expectations

  • Students who do not complete their nightly homework will need to attend study hall during their recess time.

    Please help your student complete their homework each night and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the homework policies.

    Your assistance and support with homework will lead to a successful year for your child.