Speech and Language

  •  I am Ashley Owens, the Speech Language Clinician here at JJ Hill who services students in the Children's House program through fifth grade.

    Welcome to JJ Hill's Speech and Language Page of News and Notes.

    This is where you can find information about speech activities to do with your children at home to increase carryover of their good speech into the home environment.

    ACTIVITIES TO DO IN THE HOME to increase carryover of the newly learned sound to the home environment:

    • Write the child's sound they are working on, on sticky notes and place them around the house. For example: let's say your child is working on correctly producing the "s". Write "s" on sticky notes and place them everywhere, on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, table, cupboards etc. You will be amazed how this little gesture will help them to correctly produce their sound in surroundings outside of the speech room. You can also view the once a month speech post for Better Speech and Hearing. 

    Did you know that......?
    research in voice disorders identifies teachers as "at risk" for vocal disorders?
    more teachers seek voice therapy than any other profession?
    vocal abuse and misuse can lead to excessive sick leave and permanent vocal damage?
    voice disorders can be prevented?

    Symptoms of voice disorder may include any of the following:

    • Hoarseness
    • Breathiness
    • Vocal fatique
    • Reduced pitch range
    • Voice cuts off for no reason
    • Strained vocal quality
    • Change in pitch of voice
    • Lost of volume control
    • Vocal tremor
    • Pain and other physical sensations
    • Chronic throat clearing or coughing
    • Recurring loss of voice