Classroom Music

  • Welcome back to school!

    I am so very enthusiastic about this year in classroom music. In our first week together, the E1 students have had lessons on dynamics (soft and loud) and tempo (fast and slow). They have completed drawings of things that are loud, soft, fast and slow and then labeled them. We have listened to music and moved accordingly. First graders described (with a sentence) some pictures that went with a song ("We're Making Popcorn"). We used those sentences and pictures in order to create a soundscape with instruments that complemented the pictures. A second grader conducted. We then moved our bodies to show the crescendo (gradually getting louder) in the music.

    In E2, students have had lessons on dynamics. Fourth graders created movements in small groups that showed the dynamics of a song ("Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious"). They then videotaped each other and watched their performance, using a checklist to self-assess. Fifth and Sixth graders listened to two different versions of "Put a Little Love In Your Heart." They then created dynamic plans and recorded themselves singing their versions using GarageBand. After listening to their performance, they were able to use a checklist to self-assess. Some students are creating new verses for "Put a Little Love In Your Heart."

    Mr. Leonard (formerly known as Mr. Madsen)