School Profile

  • Maxfield Elementary is a small school serving approximately 320 students in grades PreK through 5.  Community and parent involvement are the norm at Maxfield with everyone working together so that our children are prepared for middle school and for life. 

    We have two full day PreK classrooms and two classrooms each in kindergarten through grade 5.

    Students in grades Kindergarten through grade 5 attend specialist classes in Phy Ed (Gym), Science, and Art. In addition, through our partnership with the Cultural Wellness Center, students in grades 1 through 5 attend Culture class. During Culture class students learn about each other's cultures and are encouraged to learn about their own culture through self study with their family.

    Maxfield's most recent demographic data can be found on the district's website at

    Maxfield is a uniform school and all students are expected to be in uniform every day with the exception of special event days.  Parents/guardians are notified of special event days in writing and through phone calls.