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  • Welcome to Music! 

    In music class students imitate, explore, improvise and compose while singing, playing instruments, speaking, and moving. Musicias at MCAS learn about the elements of music (melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, form, timbre and texture/harmony) and work through the creative process as musicians and composers.

    All students and their contributions are welcome and valued in the music room as we work together to create! 

    To contact Ms. Cina:

    Phone: 651-293-8840

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Upcoming music events

  • Rehearsal tracks!

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  • Class Notes Artist

    This year we again have an amazing opportunity, thanks to Minnesota Public Radio, to welcome a local musician to Mississippi for a live concert. The goal of the Class Notes Artists concert experience is to inspire, motivate, and entertain students through live performance. This year students will experience Siama's Congo Roots on October 15th.


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  • SPCO

    Free tickets for all children to see the world-renowned Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

     The SPCO also sponsors the CONNECT program which provides students the opportunity to take a field trip to see an "especially for kids" concert!