Maxfield's School Continuous Improvement Plan

  • Every school in Saint Paul Public Schools plans for continuous improvement. These plans are called the SCIP. The SCIP outlines all the steps that we are taking to improve the teaching and learning at Maxfield. It is broken down into three key components: Reading, Math, and School Climate.

    Please let Dr. Hitchens know if you have any questions and be on the lookout for an invitation to participate in SCIP review and planning sessions. 


    Maxfield Elementary 2023-2024 Family Friendly SCIP 

    At Maxfield Elementary, our mission is to provide a restorative and nurturing learning community committed to achieving academic excellence. All are welcome here. 

    One of the tools we use to achieve that mission is our SCIP (School Continuous Improvement Plan). In our SCIP, we review our school’s data and create a plan for the year ahead. 

    This year, we have three main areas of focus in our SCIP: 

    Literacy Goal: Student reading scores will increase when teachers help students practice their phonics and word study skills everyday. 

    Math Goal: Student math scores will increase when teachers review math skills with students and help them talk about their math thinking. 

    School Culture: Regular and consistent school attendance increases academic success and a sense of community.

    **A complete version of our School Continuous Improvement Plan can be found at Translations are available upon request.**