Community Partnerships

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    Parent Engagement

    Gallery Church

    Unity Church

    Project Spirit

    Project Kofi

    Kofi Services is a culturally-specific, school-based mental health program for African-American youth in grades 2-8 and their families who are experiencing difficulty in school, personal relationships, or other areas of their lives. Kofi's goals are to improve behavior in the classroom and at home, and to maintain or improve academic performance and attendance. This is accomplished by providing cultural affirmation, mentorship, and role modeling; increasing parental invovlement in the child's education and school activities; and inspiring hope for the future.

    Source(Amherst H Wilder Foundation, July 2011)

    Minnesota Reading Corps


    Thad Wilderson & Associates

    The School-Linked program is a collaborative effort of Thad Wilderson & Associates and the St. Paul Public Schools to provide counseling services to children K-6th grade on site during their school day. Thad Wilderson & Associates offers services at Obama Service Learning, Maxfield Magnet, Benjamin E. Mays, Music Academy, Galtier, and Jackson Elementary.

    Project Voice/Cultural Wellness

    Holly Asland Laurel Community