Bathroom Expectations

Obama scholars explain and model bathroom expectations
Bathroom Expectations
  • Bathroom Expectations Lesson 

    Classroom Pre-teaching Activity:

    Introduce Bathroom Procedures

    Objective: By the end of the lesson students will be able to follow school-wide PBIS Bathroom Procedures.

    "Today we are going to learn about always being safe, respectful, and responsible at Obama. Being safe always means being free from harm. Being respectful always means being polite and cooperative. Being responsible means being dependable and trustworthy."

    Teach and Inform

    Teacher takes the students into the bathroom with a piece of chart, butcher or newsprint

    paper, tape and markers.

    • Students brainstorm (as whole class or in small groups) ideas of what Bathroom Procedures look and sound like.
    • Write examples on the paper that is taped to the wall.
    • Teacher highlights examples of behavior staff will be looking for at all times during the school day (each procedure listed on the Bathroom Poster should be addressed).
    • Discuss what appropriate bathroom behavior looks like and sounds like.

    Examples: Looks Like Sounds Like

    • Students respecting the space of others.
    • Students washing hands and throwing away paper.
    • Students exiting the bathroom quickly.
    • Students using the correct voice level.
    • 2 pulls for paper towels.
    • 1 pump of soap.

    Model and Practice

    Teachers provide practice of the Bathroom Procedures in the classroom.

    • Teachers and students should model: appropriate voice level, washing hands and putting paper towels in the trash.
    • Teachers should model: inappropriate voice level, leaving paper towels on the floor and not washing hands after using the bathroom.

    Students practice Bathroom Procedures with teacher giving immediate feedback and praise.

    Show What You Know Activity:

    The following follow-up activities can be small group or individual work:

    • Write Bathroom Procedures and explain why each is important.
    • Draw a picture, with a caption, of appropriate bathroom behavior.
    • Write a script to be used to inform a new student of appropriate bathroom behavior.
    • Four or five students model Bathroom Procedures while others give feedback on their behavior.
    • Use a developed assessment for students to answer.
    • Students make a Comic Life comic strip about appropriate bathroom behaviors and routines

    Positive Reinforcements:

    • Classes showing calm, orderly bathroom behavior may earn tiger paws.
    • Praise students who are being safe, respectful, and responsible.

    What happens when expectations aren’t met:

    If a student's behavior is other than expected, staff should:

    • Draw the student aside quietly.
    • State the procedure that needs reinforcement.
    • Ask the student to demonstrate or restate expected behavior

    Ways to revisit:

    • Teacher should leave the paper on the wall with the brainstormed ideas.
    • Remind students to be safe, respectful, and responsible and follow Bathroom Procedures.
  • Bathroom Expectations Video

    A short video clip explaining Obama bathroom expectations starring Obama scholars!

    Per the decision made at the 8/26/13 staff meeting, the policy on bathroom usage at Obama Elementary is:

    • No more than one boy and one girl may go to the bathroom at a time.
    • All scholars must carry a pass to the bathroom. Scholars without a pass will be sent back to class.
    • Keeping the bathrooms clean is everyone's responsibility
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