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PreK 1st day
  • Pre-Kindergarten Program at
    St. Paul Music Academy
    A Great Start for a Lifetime of Learning!


    The Pre-Kindergarten Program provides a solid learning environment for children the year before kindergarten to prepare them for school success. The SPPS Pre-Kindergarten Program is rooted in a deep commitment to standards-based education to provide our learners with a strong academic foundation. St. Paul Music Academy has two Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.  Each classroom has 20 children with a full time teacher and a teaching assistant.

    General Schedule
    Full day schedule:  7:30-2:00

    A Day in Pre-Kindergarten   

    Ease Into the Day - The teachers create a warm & welcoming environment by checking in with the children as they enter the classroom. During this time the children sign-in on the white board and join their friends for breakfast in the classroom and independent reading.

    Morning Meeting - The class comes together in a circle and the meeting begins with a greeting and a daily message.  We also read a story and focus on a daily lesson and basic skills during this time. 

    Small Group Activities - Small group activities are planned and may extend the daily lesson, teach a new concept, or allow children to practice skills at their level.  Small group activities are interactive with children cooperating, problem solving, and learning together with a teacher’s guidance.

    Active Learning – During this time children explore different learning centers in the classroom and engage in fun and meaningful activities that allow them to practice the skills they are learning.

    Arts and Science – At Saint Paul Music Academy we have set aside a time to focus on Arts and Science.  Jean Schow, our Pre-kindergarten Arts and Science Specialist explores music, movement, visual art and science activities in an exploratory way for children.

    Regroup to Revisit – At the end of the day, the children and teachers come together to reflect on our learning and prepare for the next day.

    Curriculum Components
    Discovering Our World, the Pre-Kindergarten Program Curriculum
    Everyday Math

    Instructional Strategies
    Sign-In * Greeting * Read Aloud * Independent Reading
    Shared Reading *Interactive Writing * Small Groups *Active Learning

    Unique School Feature
    Each PreKindergarten student will have music instruction and exposure opportunities.

    Feel free to contact Bee Lee (Principal) at to answer any of your questions about Saint Paul Music Academy Pre-Kindergarten!

    Please click on Saint Paul Public Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program for more information.

    To apply, call the Saint Paul Student Placement Center at (651) 632-3760 for an application and information about the enrollment process.

  • PreK Schedule for Distance Learning (times are tentative)

    7:30am -8:30am: Ease Into The Day. Students participate in activities that get them prepared for the day. 

    8:30am-9:30am: Morning Meeting (whole group) on Google Meet. We will come together every morning to greet each other, play an activity and read and discuss a story. 

    9:30am-10:00am Small group instruction on Google Meet.* When students are not meeting in small group they can be working on their anytime activities in SeeSaw. Look for an announcement as to when small groups will begin. 

    10:00am-10:45am Active Learning. Students will explore a variety of learning activities on their own.

    10:45-11:30 Science with Ms Jean

    11:30am-12:00 Lunch

    12:00-12:15pm Independent Reading Students explore looking at books at home

    12:15-12:45pm Recess and Large Motor Time (outside, playground, GoNoodle)

    12:45pm-1:00pm Read Aloud Students choose a story from a choice board on Seesaw

    1:00-1:30 Closing Circle- Whole Group on Google Meet.  We will end our time together sharing with each other our discoveries from the day. 



    Office Hours-TBD



  • Fall 2020 Distance Learning 

    *SAME TIME/SYNCHRONOUS (Live and all together) INSTRUCTION- Whole Group or Small Group learning sessions using Google Meet as the primary platform for connection. The class or small group will meet together at the same time.

    *ANY TIME/ASYNCHRONOUS (Self-paced) INSTRUCTION- Explore Independently or Ask the Teacher time. Students will use SeeSaw to view and complete lessons when they choose.

    *OFFICE HOURS - Teachers will build Office Hours into their schedule in which students and familiy members can reach out to them via Google Meets. This will occur at least twice throughout each week. Stay tuned for specific times