Welcome to the Hmoob Museum!

  • Zoo Siab tos txais nej tuaj rau lub Chav Hmoob Museum!

    In the fall of 2008, the Minnesota Children's Museum hosted an exhibit titled "Hmong At Heart".  The exhibit was created by the Madison Children's Museum.  The Minnesota Children's Museum created an additional piece called, "The Hmong in Minnesota" which featured local Minnesota families and organizations.  After the exhibition ended, the "Hmong in Minnesota" exhibit was graciously donated to our school.  Today, we have a Hmoob Museum filled with Hmong artifacts, tools, clothing, and activities for students to explore and learn about Hmong culture.  We most recently added a real Hmong house, built by the Hmong Culture and Language Camp at Concordia University.  Students come in to explore and learn about the Hmong culture through play. 
    Xyoo 2008, Lub Minnesota Children’s Museum tau qhib ib chav hu ua “Siab Hmoob”, qhia txog peb Hmoob lub neej. “Siab Hmoob” los ntawm lub Madison Children’s Museum los. Thaum “Siab Hmoob” tas lawm, cov khoom rov mus rau Madison tiam si muaj ib chav hu ua “Hmong in Minnesota” uas hais txog cov Hmoob nyob rau lav Minnesota. Lub Minnesota Children’s Museum tau muab cov khoom ntawv pub rau peb lub tsev kawm ntawv kom cov me nyuam tau los kawm. Niaj hnub no, cov me nyuam tau mus ua si thiab siv cov khoom hauv chav no, los pab txhawb lawv txoj kev kawm txog peb Hmoob lub neej. Xyoo no, peb tau ntxiv ib lub tsev Hmoob rau hauv lub Hmoob Museum.