Challenge Puzzles

  • Challenging puzzle games to stimulate your brain (playable on iPads).

    1. Balls and Boxes: place the moving balls into the correct boxes (Mr. Ching's high score: Level 20, student high score: Level 21)
    2. Blcok the Pig: great puzzle challenge
    3. Connect 4: (Safari) get 4 in a row for the win
    4. Proximity: game of territory (addictive)
    5. Puzzle Ball: terrific sliding block game


     Flash-based games (play only on computers)

    1. B-Cubed: plan moves to move cube over all the spaces
    2. Bop Block Primer: (Chrome) Mr. Ching's Scratch game (more challenging version is Bop Block 9)
    3. Mad Virus: make a plan to spread the virus
    4. Telescope Puzzle: plan carefully to move ball around
    5. Tilt Maze: move the ball around the maze (very hard)
    6. 3 Slices 2: very interesting and addictive game
    7. Fantastic Contraption: building challenge game