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    Hi SPMA Families!

    It's Ms. Keela and Ms. LaQua here... your School Counselors at SPMA! Thanks for coming to check out more about Elementary School Counseling and the available supports for all SPMA students! We are so lucky to be a part of students' learning experiences and growth at SPMA in so many ways! Elementary School Counseling offers a unique opportunity for us to support students through:

    Classroom Counseling Lessons

    We teach in every classroom weekly throughout the school year and have a change to interact with every student throughout these lessons. Topics of the lessons are data driven and tailored to each grade level on a variety of topics, such as bullying prevention, self-esteem, solving conflict, positive relationships, growth mindset, accepting differences, exploring culture and identity, career and college exploration, personal learning plans, safety, readiness for Middle School, leadership, and more!

    Small Group Counseling

    We offer a variety of small group counseling based on student need throughout the year. Small group counseling benefit students who may need a little extra dose of time and support developing academic, emotional, or relationship skills along with other peers. Groups are scheduled in collaboration with the classroom teacher to minimize lost instruction time, typically have 3-6 members, and meet for approximately 5-8 sessions. 

    Individual Counseling

    We also offer individual counseling for students who are experiencing a variety of challenges and/or experiences in which they would benefit from receiving support in a one on one setting. 

    Connecting Families with Supports They Need

    We support students and families to access needed supports and services in the community.  Everything from mental health therapy, housing resources to basic needs resources and beyond- We work in partnership with our Achievement+ agencies and community agencies to help families.  Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

    All Around Advocate & Leader for Student Support

    In addition to the above direct services for students, we regularly work with other educators through a variety of school intervention, leadership, and support teams. We consult with all educators at SPMA everyday working on the common goal of helping all students feel successful and engaged in their learning at SPMA. We actively collaborate with educators and stakeholders to ensure students' equitable access to their education

    We truly love our jobs and feel the awesome responsibility to do all within our role and resources to support the students through best practices. The SPMA School Counseling Program is Minnesota's first K-5 and very proud American School Counselors Association's RAMP Recipient 2018-2023.


    We are forever inspired by the curiosity, resilience, and limitless potential within every child. If there is anything we can do to help your student this year, please don't hesitate to reach out! 


    ms. k

     Ms. Keela

    Phone: 651-744-8222

    Email: keela.kuhlers@spps.org


    Ms. LaQua

    Phone: 651-744-7327

    Email: paige.laqua@spps.org 


    St Paul Music Academy School Counseling Program


    All St Paul Music Academy, students are confident and prepared to succeed in their academic and career dreams. They acknowledge, respect, and support each other’s different cultures, languages, and walks in life. With critical thinking skills and resilience, they use their leadership mindsets and behaviors to positively impact their community and change the world.


    The comprehensive, data-informed school counseling program at St Paul Music Academy advocates for all students to engage in academic, career, and social-emotional learning. It results in positive outcomes with all students prepared to pursue their dreams, be inspired, and become future leaders who will change the world. This counseling program actively interrupts systems that do not support all students' success through collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring students’ equitable access to their rigorous academic and music education and resulting in students' sense of belonging in their school community that accepts and supports them for who they are.