Gifted Services Offered

  • *Large group instruction in the regular classroom: Ms. Sauer spends time in many primary-level classrooms teaching the Catalyst and PETS Curriculums, which involve Thinking Tool lessons that enhance creative and critical thinking (fluency, flexibility, elaboration and originality).

    *Differentiated/accelerated instruction- Ms. Sauer supports and enhances district standards and curriculum in the areas of reading, math and science. In the area of reading we use the Jr. Great books series to enhance critical thinking through discussion. Math and science activities use a constructivist approach, so kids are forming their own knowledge through the process of doing problem solving or inquiry-based experiences.

    *Academic Competitions Saint Paul Music Academy is participating in three academic competitions this year including: National Spelling Bee, Continental Math League and FLL Lego League

    *Student Council: Student Leaders in grades 3-6 meet weekly to discuss and work on various community and school projects.  To learn more about the SPMA Student Council, visit the StuCo section of the website here.

    *Research Projects: In addition to the services listed above, G/T identified students work on individual research projects each spring. Most students choose to showcase their hard work in the form of a display board. These projects are displayed at our annual Student Showcase event in May.

    *Schoolwide Enrichment Days: School staff offer a variety of fun and creative enrichment activities for multi-grade classes; students sign up for classes based on interest