Friday poetry class poems......

  • At School (rhyming)
    by Karissa  age 12
    As I was looking at the clock
    I heard some noises going tick-tock
    One of my friends shouted, "look!"
    He found a big poetry book
    Everyone gathered round
    No one was making any sound
    There was a poem that was called Dome
    but then it was time to go home.
    I grabbed my backpack and folder too,
    hoping the day wasn't really through

    Birds (acrostic poem)
    by Gaonong  age 9

    Birds like to eat worms 
    I have a bird
    Red is the color on some birds
    Do baby birds eat worms?
    Some baby birds are cute

    The Rat  (rhyming)
    by Nick age 10
    There was a hole in the wall
    and out came was an ugly rat
    I jumped on up and ran
    and got a big metal bat

    The Beast (Cinquain)
         by Nick age 10
             big, hairy
    sleeping, fighting, killing
    King of the underground

    Pretty Things (acrostic)
    by Lynn age 8
    Rings and other jewelry
    Yarn on a warm sweater
    Talented singers
    Hairclips with diamonds
    Intelligent women
    Golden Decorated Egg
    Singing a nice song

    Family (Cinquain)
    by Christopher age 8
           fun, excited
    playing, loving, caring
    I    love    my      family