Focus School Letter

  • October 28, 2013

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Bruce Vento Elementary School continues to be designated by the Minnesota Department of Education as a Focus School under the federal Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The designation is based on student testing data that placed our school among the 10% of schools with the largest achievement gap between white students and students of color. In order to no longer be designated, we must reduce the gap two years in a row.

    The 2013-14 school year is the second year in a three-year process of school improvement.  The planning for this process is aimed at improving the performance of student groups within the school that are currently not performing at their potential. While many of the improvement activities will be targeted toward students from those groups, many changes will take place across the school and will be aimed at improving the academic performance for all students.

    In order to accomplish this important work, we will put together an Improvement team that includes many interested people, including parents. You are highly encouraged to be a member of the improvement team; if you are interested call 651-293-8685 and ask to speak with Scott Masini, Principal.

    Families and communities will be at the center of our school improvement plan. Your engagement and support in your child’s education is critical to his or her success. Contact your child’s teacher(s) about how you can best support the work they are doing in the classroom. All staff email addresses and the school phone numbers are posted on our school’s website, as is our school’s Family Engagement Plan, where you’ll find other ways you can be involved in your child’s educational success.


    Principal Scott Masini

    Bruce Vento Elementary School