Paul and Sheila Wellstone Elementary School

  • Our students learn to read, write, speak and listen in both Spanish and English. In this model, each child gains confidence as both a first-language model and a second-language learner. English-only instruction is also available in our historic sunlit building, named for the late Senator Paul Wellstone and his wife Sheila. Our goal is to educate students to be proficient in language that expresses knowledge, opinions, and creative ideas that can change and benefit the community. We have ample computer resources, a well-equipped science lab and a welcoming, colorful library. With physical fitness opportunities both outdoors and in, Wellstone also emphasizes the arts, partnering with museums and performing organizations.

    Wellstone Elementary is on the corner of Rice and Lawson Streets, serving students in pre-k through fifth grade. Wellstone students are taught to exercise critical thinking skills and to facilitate student-led discussions around content themes and social issues. Student leadership is woven into the curriculum at all levels.

    At Wellstone Elementary, students have the option of learning Spanish! Families can choose between Spanish Dual Immersion programming for their child or a traditional setting with instruction provided entirely in English.

    Wellstone Elementary is a school with an emphasis on targeted small group literacy instruction. The Early Intervention in Reading program supports struggling readers in grades 1-3 and small reading intervention groups are established for students in grades 4-6 who continue to need support in addition to their classroom reading instruction. Student led book clubs meet regularly at all grade levels.

    Likewise, math instruction is provided for all students through large and small group lessons with extra support provided for struggling students. Additionally, students who need further challenge are also provided with accelerated learning opportunities within our Everyday Math program.

    Students enjoy hands-on learning in our well equipped Science lab. All students enjoy PE classes in a large gymnasium as well as World Cultures and Art.  Fifth grade students have the opportunity to be part of the Wellstone Drum Line.

    At Wellstone Elementary, technology is integrated into all areas of teaching. Classrooms are equipped with wireless internet which is accessed through student stations in every classroom as well as having access to mobile laptop carts. In addition, interactive white boards are used in every classroom to facilitate interactive and visual learning experiences.

    Students can attend full day pre-kindergarten and full day kindergarten. Bilingual cultural liaisons help parents, students and staff stay connected.

    Teachers host many evening family events to build connections with families and communicate what students are learning in school.