• Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has three lines divided like this:

    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables

    Many Haiku have nature as a theme... but not always.

    Haiku can have alliteration and rhyme and ...  or not.

    "What am I?" Haikus:
    Green and speckled legs,
    Hop on logs and lily pads
    Splash in cool water.

    In a pouch I grow,
    On a southern continent --
    Strange creatures I know.

    Or just Regular Haiku

    Tornado warning!
    My brother in the basement
    Searching for southwest.

    Señora Gámez
    y la Señora Thompson
    enseñan mucho

    The cat is not all
    bad.  She catches many mice
    and brings them to me.

    Wonderful Wellstone
    So near the rolling river
    Minnesota made