Imagery and Beautiful Language

  • Poets use beautiful language to help readers visualize.

    Read this poem:

    Without shoes
    I feel mud
    on my feet
    and rocks
    under my feet
    by Ms. Gamez and Mr. Fleming

    That is not Beautiful Language!!!!!

    Now read this one.  It has Beautiful Language!

    I can feel
    how warm mud
    molds my soles
    or how cold
    knead them
    like worn knuckles
    by Judith Thurman

    Think of an object.
    How could you describe it without saying it?

    The sun........

    A bicycle..........


    Make your ideas sound beautiful.
    You could even use a thesaurus to find different words, new words, exciting words.
    The Owl and Bear

    I called to the owl perched high in a tree,
    "I hear your song but your beauty I can not see"
    She answered back the following eve as she danced and circled and paraded for me.

    Alone again, I thought I would be,
    wishing and hoping for my owl in a tree.
    She left me with wonder of how this could be,
    how could an owl dance for me.
    from Nocturn
    In the night,
    in the velvet night,
    in the brushstroked bluecoat velvet night,
    a big moon balloon floats
    over silent trees...
    Jane Yolen