• A Metaphor is a comparison between two things.
    A Metaphor is not a simile because it does not use "like" or "as".

    Some Examples

    Start with two things
    1. Me
    2. a vacuum cleaner
    At dinner time I am a vacuum cleaner.  I eat all of my food really fast.

    1. Me
    2. a bulldozer
    I am a bulldozer when I play football.

    What two things are being compared here?
    Have you seen his bedroom?  He is a pig!

    How about here?
    That bright ol' orange in the sky lights up my day.

    Try these (remember: do not use like or as):
    1. dog
    2. stinky feet

    and these:
    1. grades on a math test
    2. slide

    The Toaster
    A silver-scaled dragon with jaws flaming red
    Sits at my elbow and toasts my bread.
    I hand him flat slices, and then, one by one,
    He hands them back when he sees they are done.
    by William Jay Smith

    Mrs. Moon
    Mrs Moon
    sitting up in the sky
    little old lady
    with a ball of fading light
    and silvery needles
    knitting the night
    by Roger McGough

    The Sun
    The sun is a glowing spider
    that craws out
    from under the earth
    to make her way across the sky
    warming and weaving
    with her bright old fingers
    of light.
    by Grace Nichols