• Repetition is using important words more than once.

    See if you can find the repetition in the following poems:


    Inside the house
    (I get ready)
    Inside the car
    (I go to school)
    Inside the school
    (I wait for the bell to ring)

    By Jake



    Under the clouds,
    Under the trees,
    Under the sea,
    I can fall asleep,
    and dream of
    moving clouds
    and swaying trees,
    and waves moving,
    in the sea.

    By Rachael

    A Waste of Time
    Telling the wind not to blow
    Telling the tide not to turn
    Telling a river not to flow
    Telling fire not to burn
    Telling birds not to fly
    Telling frogs not to hop
    Telling babies not to cry
    Telling bubbles not to pop
    Telling rain not to fall
    Telling lightning not to flash
    Telling cuckoos not to call
    Telling water not to splash
    Telling dogs not to wag
    Telling the sun not to shine

    by Mike Jubb