The Little Mermaid

King Triton
  • Once long ago, out where the ocean was at its deepest, and where the sea sparkled as blue as crystal, there lived a great sea king.  The king had six daughters, each a beautiful young mermaid.  But the most beautiful of all was the king’s youngest daughter.  Her skin was as pale as the palest rose petal, and her eyes were the color of the ocean itself.

    The youngest mermaid delighted in hearing the king’s stories of the strange and distant world of humans above the sea.  A remarkable world where people walked on legs, where one could smell the glorious perfume of flowers, and where the wind blew with a sigh through the lofty green trees.

    When the little mermaid reached her fifteenth birthday, she was encouraged to swim up to see the fascinating human world for herself.  She swam a great distance to thesurface of the sea.

    It was her very first opportunity to sit on a rock above the waves and brush out her long locks in the balmy wind.

    Just then she noticed a sailboat anchored nearby.  The little mermaid hid in the curls and billows of sea foam and swam over to take a closer look at the boat.  Through the glass portholes she observed some humans having a party.  A handsome young man was celebrating his birthday.

    The little mermaid watched, enchanted, as rockets and fireworks were fired from the ship, lighting up the night sky with brilliant, colorful stars.  The crew sang to the young man, whom they called Prince Caspar.  The little mermaid immediately  
    fell in love with him.

    As the party drew to a close, the little mermaid sensed a change in the movements of the waves.  A storm began to rage.  The waves swelled and a violent wind tore the sails and smashed the masts of the ship.

    The unfortunate sailors were scatteredacross the crashing waves and she saw Prince Caspar thrown into the stormy sea, plummeting towards her home, the kingdom under the waves.  The little mermaid knew that humans could not live under the ocean and that the handsome prince would quicklydrown.  She plunged after him and kissed him on the mouth, filling his lungs with air.  His eyes opened for a brief moment, and Prince Caspar looked into the loving eyes of the little mermaid.

Little mermaid


  • Elements of Fiction

    • Similes
    • Metaphors
    • Personification
    • Plot
    • Setting
    • Characterization

    Knowledge of texts: Fairy Tales


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