Come to Bali

Come to Bali
  • Many people think that Bali is a country on its own.  But it is not.  Bali is part of Indonesia.

    Indonesia is in Southeast Asia, which has more than 17,000 islands.  Balis is one of these islands.  It is a small island in the south of Indonesia, between the islands of Lombok and Java.

    Denpasar is the capital city of Bali.  The Bali international airport is in Denpasar.  About three million people live in Bali.

    Bali is a popular tourist destination.  Many people come from all over the world to visit the island.  It receives the most tourists of all the Indonesian islands.

    Tourists come to Bali for its sand, sea, sun, surf, and culture.  Visiting temples, climbing volcanoes, riding in outrigger canoes, and scuba diving are adventure activities that tourists can take part in.

    The main tourist areas are in southern Bali.  Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur are all resort areas in southern Bali.

    Kuta Beach is Bali’s biggest beach resort.  It is well suited for backpackers and budget travelers.  Kuta is crowded and has a busy beach scene.  There are many shops and restaurants.  There are many surf shops in Kuta because surfing is very popular.

    Sanur is a mid-range beach resort.  It is more upscale than Kuta and livelier than Nusa Dua.

    Nusa Dua is a quiet, upscale resort area.  Most of the hotels and motels are on the beach.

    Climate and Landscape

    Bali attracts tourists because the island is hot all year round.  The average temperature is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees C).

    There are dry and wet seasons in Bali.  The best time to visit Bali is from June to September.  This is the dry season.  During the wet season, it rains a lot.

    Bali is green and mountainous. There are many active volcanoes on the island.  Many rice fields can also be seen on the island.  This is because rice is a very important crop for Bali.


    Each year, many festivals and ceremonies take place in Bali.  Temple offerings are also made.  Women make pyramids of stacked food, fruit, and flowers.  The women then carry these pyramids on their heads.

    For festivals and celebrations, lamaks are made.  Lamaks are long, woven palm leaf strips.  They are used as decorations.

    Music and dancing also play a big part in Balinese culture.

    A gamelan orchestra plays Balinese music.  The orchestra has many instruments, such as drums, gongs, or cymbals. The music played by the gamelan orchestra is traditional.  The music can be heard very often when traveling around Bali.

    There are many Balinese dances.  Each dance tells a story. 

    The kecak is popularly known as the monkey dance. This is because most of the movements are monkey- like.  The dance is performed by a group of men.  They chant throughout the dance.  The dance tells a story about Prince Rama and Princess Siwi.

    The Barong and Rangda dance is a battle between good and bad.  It tells the story of the good beast Barong, and the evil witch Rangda.  Barong is a cross between a big shaggy dog and a lion.  Inside the Barong costume are two men- one man as the front legs and one man as the back legs.

    The legong dance is one of the most graceful of Balinese dances.  Two or three young girl dancers perform it.  The dancers dress in gold costumes with flowers in their hair.  The moves are graceful and slow.

    Baris is a warrior dance.  It is performed by a lone dancer.  The dance shows the feelings of a warrior preparing to meet his enemy.

    The pendet dance is usually performed by married women.  The women carry and present offerings to the gods. 

    Masked dances and puppet shows are also performed in Bali.


    Many Balinese people are artistic.  There are a lot of galleries and craft shops that people can visit in Bali.

    Stone carving is an old craft in Bali.  Stone carvings are used to decorate temples.  They are also used to make statues of gods and demons.

    The village of Batubulan is well known for its stone sculptures.  Villagers carve fierce demon figures with bulging eyes.  These statues are put on the outside walls of houses to keep away evil spirits.

    There are many other arts practiced throughout Bali.  These include wood carving, batik making, painting, and mask and puppet making.


    The Balinese people are very spiritual.  There are many temples in Bali. Most people on Bali are Hindu.  This is different to the rest of Indonesia where most people are Muslim.  Hinduism is one to the oldest religions in the world.

    Bali has many ceremonies based on Hindu religious traditions.  The Hindu New Year on Bali is called Nyepi.  This happens in late March or early April.  It marks the end of the rainy season.  On this day, everyone in Bali, including tourists, must remain silent.  No one is allowed to work or travel. It is believed that evil spirits will leave Bali, thinking that there is no one on the island.

    Odalan is an annual festival that celebrates the birthday of a temple.  This is celebrated on the date the temple was founded.  This festival can last up to a week.  Temples are decorated by worshipers.  There are also parades, food offerings, and prayers.

    Galungan is also a religious festival.  It is observed in the eleventh week of the two-hundred-and-tenth day in the Balinese calendar.  It celebrates the creation of our world. It is an important even in Bali.  The day is spent visiting family and friends.  They dress in their finest clothes and they indulge in feasting.


    Bahasa means language.  Therefore, Bahasa Bali is Balinese language.  It is spoken on the island.  Bahasa Bali is not a written language.  It is difficult to learn.

    Bahasa Indonesia is also spoken on the island.  Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia.  It is taught in schools.  It is an easier language to learn.


    In Bali, people hungry for a snack may catch dragonflies on sticky sticks. They then roast the dragonflies and eat them.  In other areas of Indonesia, people eat fried forest rat and stewed bat.

    In some of the busier towns, carts sell food on street corners.  The people with food carts are known as kaki lima.  They push their wheeled carts from place to place.  The food seems very cheap to foreigners.

    Rice is the main food in Balinese cooking and is served with most dishes.

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