We use an iPod touch like this to record our voices.
  • On this page I will show you how and why to create Podcasts with students.  So far I have found that Podcasting increases fluency, increases interest in reading- because the students are reading for a real audience and can see their improvement- and it is fun.

    In the mean time you can listen to these student podcasts and podcasts for students.

    Radio WillowWeb
    Why? The Science Show for Kids

Watch this video to find out how to create a podcast on a Mac.

Watch this video to find out what Podcasting is.

What Makes a Podcast Good?

    • Microphone You have something important to say.
    • You speak clearly.
    • You sound like you are on TV (don't stop a lot=fluency).
    • You add some music.
    • It is better if it is funny.
    • You have to practice to make it your best!

Reasons to Podcast

    • To share important information.
    • To tell a story.
    • To teach people how to do something.
    • To share your opinion about a topic such as a book, movie or video game.
    • Because it is fun to hear yourself! (and a bit scary!)