The Writing Process

  • The Writing Process
    When we write we go through several steps; we go through the writing process.

    During pre-writing we gather ideas, sometimes called seeds, for things to write about.  We make lists, webs and diagrams.  We write story ideas, character ideas, things we like and things we don't like.  We think about events that have happened in our lives, the lives of the people we know and the characters we read about.  Then we write about them!

    During the writing stage, we write and write and write.  We take that seed of an idea and grow it into something that other people can understand.  We think about the problem in the story and how it was solved.  We make the characters come alive and the setting seem real.  We get the reader involved by writing a great beginning and then wrap everything up at the end.  We don't worry about spelling during this stage because our focus is on shaping the ideas into words before we forget

    During revising we make sure that everything makes sense.  If it is not important we cross it out.  If it is not clear we add more information and more specific words.  We make sure we did not skip any words.  Things have to be in the right order too otherwise the reader might not understand what we are saying.  Sometimes we have a friend read our work to help us make sure everything makes sense.

    Here is where we make sure words are spelled right and that the nouns and verbs agree.  We check for capital letters and periods.  Are the paragraphs indented?  If you look at our published work you will see that we miss some things sometimes, but notice all the right stuff too!

    Now we write our work the best we can so that everyone else can share our narratives, procedures, poetry, reports and our responses to literature.  How about a celebration?  Yes!