Realistic Fiction

  • It could happen... but it didn't. 
    Realistic fiction stories are wonderful stories with well-developed characters who face a problem and then resolve the problem.  There are usually many steps in the process for resolving the problem.  Hopefully you will read some of the stories here- when the stories are published.  Right now they are still in process.

    Narratives, Fictional or Autobiographical
    The Narrative Standards, fictional or autobiographical, that we use at Wellstone say that the...

    Students will:

        Engage the reader by establishing a context, creating a persona and otherwise developing reader interest.

        Create an organizing structure

        Establish a situation, plot, point of view, setting, and conflict.  For autobiography, establish the significance of events.

        Include sensory details and concrete language to develop plot and character.

        Exclude extraneous details and inconsistencies.

        Develop complex characters.

        Use a range of appropriate strategies such as dialogue and tension or suspense.

        Provide a sense of closure to the writing.

    Of course we put that in language that the students can understand...

    •    I can analyze realistic fiction to discover the character, situation, problem and solution.

    •    I can engage the reader by grabbing his or her attention and keeping it. 

    •    I can pretend to be someone else as I write by choosing the first or third person point of view.

    •    I can create an organizing structure that shows the problem and solution through a rise of action.

    •    I can create a character in a situation who has a problem and solves it him/herself.

    •    I can include sensory details and concrete details so that the reader will better understand the plot and the characters.

    •    I can take out ideas and details that do not fit and make sure that the story makes sense.

    •    I can create complex characters that have a past, have feelings, think, speak (dialogue), and are alive.

    •    I can create tension and/or suspense in my writing with the rise of action.

    •    I can write a conclusion that wraps up all the ideas like a package.