A Few Good Titles

  • If you are going to the library and are looking for some great Realistic Fiction, try one of these books:

    Written in 1st Person:

    If Nathan Were Here  by Bahr, Mary
    Fireflies by Brickloe, Julie
    Jin Woo by Bunting, Eve
    A Bird About to Sing by Montenegro, Laura Nyman
    My Name is Yoon by Recorvits, Helen
    The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Viorst, Judith
    Ira Sleeps Over by Waber, Bernard
    Something Special For Me by Williams, Vera B.
    I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed by Child, Lauren
    Strong to the Hoop by Coy, John
    Best Friends by Kellogg, Steven
    Mama’s Way by Ketteman, Helen
    Ruler of the Courtyard by Khan, Rukhsana
    Just One Flick of a Finger by Lorbiecki, Marybeth
    Chicken Sunday by Polacco, Patricia
    My Rotten, Redheaded Older Brother by Polacco, Patricia
    The Jones Family Express by Steptoe, Javaka
    Our Gracie Aunt by Woodson, Jacqueline

    Written in 3rd Person:
    Eagle by Allen, Judy (out of print, get used or at libraries)
    The Honest-to-Goodness Truth by McKissack, Patricia
    JoJo’s Flying Side Kick by Pinkney, Brian
    The Ticky-Tacky Doll by Rylant, Cynthia
    Emma’s Rug by Say, Allen
    Too Many Tamales by Soto, Gary
    Spinky Sulks by Steig, William
    What Mary Jo Shared by Udry, Janice May
    Junk Pile! by Borton, Lady
    Tonio’s Cat (many Spanish language phrases) by Calhoun, Mary (available used, libraries)
    Long-Long’s New Year by Gower, Catherine
    Luke Goes to Bat by Isadora, Rachel
    Vegetable Dreams (in English & Spanish) by Jeffers, Dawn
    My Dog is Lost! by Keats, Ezra Jack
    Bedhead by Palatini, Margie
    Picnic at Mudsock Meadow by Polacco, Patricia
    You’re Not My Best Friend Anymore by Pomerantz, Charlotte
    A Present for Mrs. Kazinski by Reynolds, Marilynn
    The Story of the Little Black Dog by Spooner, J. B.
    Brave Irene by Steig, William
    Suki’s Kimono by Uegaki, Chieri
    Home by Five by Wallace-Brodeur, Ruth (available used, or in libraries)