Writing Like a Published Author

  • This year we want students to write like a famous author.  In order to do that we might be studying Patricia Polacco and learning her style or studying Chris Van Allsburg and learning his style.  After studying style, students will interpret that style, or that of another author, by creating a story in that style.

    The Response to Literature Standards that we use at Wellstone 

    Say that ...

    Students will:

    Engage the reader by establishing a context, creating a persona and otherwise developing reader interest.

    Advance a judgment that is interpretive, analytic, evaluative or reflective.

    Support judgment through references to the text, references to other works, authors or non-print media, or references to personal knowledge.

    Demonstrate an understanding of the literary work.

    Provide a sense of closure.

    Of course we put those in language that students can understand...

        I can write a great beginning that gets the reader’s attention and keeps it; I can even pretend to be someone else as I write.

         I can have an opinion about the book that show that I really look closely at the book;  I can 
    say why I like it or why I don't; I can show what the book made me think about or create.

         I can support my opinion by words from this book, by using the writing and ideas from another book or by writing about what I personally know.  

         I can show that I understand the book.

         I can have a good ending.

Patricia Polacco
Chicken Sunday
CVA Sail Train