Literary Non-Fiction

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  • In 4th grade, students write state reports in the form of Literary Non- Fiction.  Literary Non-Fiction is made up of 4 types of writing:

    1. Narratives embedded with facts;
    2. Question and answer books;
    3. A B C Books;
    4. Poetry embedded with facts.

    The Report Writing Standards that we use at Wellstone say that ...

    Students will:

    Engage the reader by establishing a context, creating a persona and otherwise developing reader interest;

    Develop a controlling idea that conveys a perspective on the subject;

    Create an organizing structure appropriate to a specific purpose, audience and context;

    Include appropriate fact and details;

    Exclude extraneous and inappropriate information;

    Use a range of appropriate strategies such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject and narrating a relevant anecdote;

    Provide a sense of closure to the writing.

    Of course we put that in language that the students can understand...

     I can engage the reader by grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it; I can even pretend that I am not me as I write;

    I can have one main idea that every part of the Literary Non-Fiction report helps to explain;

    I can create an organizing structure appropriate to my Literary Non-Fiction writing;
    I can include appropriate facts and details and I can take out irrelevant (not important) facts and details;

    I can use writing strategies such as explaining facts and details, describing with beautiful language and telling stories that help people understand what I mean;

    I can have a conclusion that re-tells my main idea.

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