Procedure Parts

  • There are 4 main parts to a procedure:

    • Introduction
    • Materials
    • Steps
    • Conclusion



    The introduction gets the reader ready to do the procedure. A good introduction has at least two parts:

    • Tells why to do the procedure and
    • Says that it will be easy if you follow the directions.



    This is just a list of what you need and how much of each item.



    Here is where you explain what the reader needs to do. 

    Start with a transition word (first, second, next, then, after that, finally,…)
    Then use an action word (a verb).
    Try to keep it simple.
    But you have to think about what problems the reader will have and make sure the reader does not make that mistake.
    You also have to tell why the reader has to do something.



    • Say Congratulations!
    • Tell the reader what he or she can do now.
    • Tell the reader what to do in the future.