Young Robin's Hood

Young Robin Hood
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    Robin Who?

    Hello there, reader! Are you ready for a story about a hero of mine? I know you don't want stuff about kissing and holding hands. Right? Don't worry! This is going to be a real adventure story with plenty of kick…  a bit of… Bang… and plenty of Hoorays!

    Here we go! But first, let me ask you a question. What was the second name of that famous hero called Robin who dressed in green tights and a green hood and always had a bow and arrow? (Now be careful!)

    Are you thinking, "What a silly question and the answer is Hood"? Or are you thinking, "Aha! I know the answer to that trick question! Robin Hood's name was actually Robin Goodfellow! So the answer isn't Hood but


    Well, actually, either answer will do.  When Robin Goodfellow grew up, he became an outlaw, and everybody called him Robin Hood. Back to my story, then. I am going to tell you just how Robin Hood was given that infamous nickname. And then you'll be able to impress all of your friends. But hang on a minute.  Speaking of names, let me remind you of some of his Merry Men. We must not forget that they weren't always merry men. For quite a long time, they were merry boys. So here we go.


    Danny’s Nose

    When you think of Robin Hood, I would guess that you think of him calling up his Merry Men by blowing his horn, a bit like this… But most people don't think about him during the time when he was a boy and he looked like this…

    He was always a strong and daring young man. When you live in a house with vines growing up the walls, where is the entertainment in just walking up the stairs to your bedroom? It's a lot more fun going up the hard way. Robin Goodfellow always liked a challenge!

    Now let's think for a minute about the Merry Men before they grew up. Who was the merriest of all the Merry Men? Friar Tuck, of course! And how did he get his name? Some people think it was because he liked to tuck things into his mouth all the time. Goodness knows, he was always tucking chicken leg or a slice of pie into his mouth! So when he was grown up, he looked round and jolly-like this . . But really it was because his name was Daniel Tucker

    Yes, honestly this was what he looked like as a boy. A bit on the skinny side if you ask me. He was always laughing and he loved reading. Robin thought the world of him. He used to say that Danny taught him more about nature than he'd ever learned in a classroom. Danny grew up on a farm not three miles from Goodfellow Hall where Robin was born, and he knew just about everything about animals and nature.

    He had a wonderful sense of smell, and he could tell you the name of any herb or flower just by its scent! Remember that wonderful nose of his. It's going to come in handy later.


Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker


  • Identify bias, purpose and other authorial devices.

    Critically evaluate the influence of bias and purpose on the reader.


    Synthesize new information across texts to create new understandings



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