List Poems

  • A list poem is one of the easiest kinds of poems towrite because it doesn't require either rhythm or rhyme. But thatdoesn't mean you should write down just anything. Here's alist of elements that makes a list poem a poem instead of just a list:

    1) The writer is telling you something--pointing something out--saying, "Look at this" or, "Think about this."
    2) There's a beginning and an end to it, like in a story.
    3) Each item in the list is written the same way.

    from Giggle Poetry

    What Bugs Me

    When my teacher tells me to write a poem.
    When my mother tells me to clean up my room.
    When my sister practices her violin while I'm watching TV.
    When my father tells me to turn off the TV and do my homework.
    When my brother picks a fight with me and I have to go to bed early.
    When my teacher asks me to get up in front of the class and read thepoem I wrote on the school bus.


    My Noisy Brother

    He slurps when he eats cereal in the morning.
    He gargles milk.
    He burps after eating.
    He cracks his knuckles.
    He whistles.
    He snaps his fingers.
    He squawks when he's mad.
    He snores at night.

    Things to Do If You Are a Butterfly
    By Phoebe G.

    Be beautiful.
    Flutter in the sky
    And show off your rainbow scales.
    Find a yellow rose
    And settle on a soft petal.
    Put your little straw tongue
    Into the flower
    And sip up the sweet drops of nectar.
    Be beautiful.

    Things to Do If You Are a Vampire Bat
    By Zack H.

    Lap up the blood
    of sleeping horses.
    Slip through small spaces
    into dark attics.
    Visit Dracula at midnight.
    Hang upside down
    in caves and castles.

First Lines

  • My sister always...
    My brother never...
    If I were a ...
    On rainy days...
    At school...
    It bugs me when...
    When I read I ...
    When I grow up ...
    My mom says...
    The sun...
    I want a dog...