Conferences - Parent Involvement is Crucial

  • Conferences will occur three times a year, one time per trimester. Conferences are offered late afternoon and evening. We ask that parents commit themselves to attending one conference night during each trimester. It is important to meet with your child’s teachers and be informed of his/her progress.

    Moving from elementary school to middle school is an adjustment for students and parents alike. There are usually more teachers to get to know, a more complicated schedule to understand, and students can be embarrassed about parent involvement. But these changes are no reason for parents to stop working with the school. It is just as important as ever for parents to stay involved.

    Here are ways to do this:

    • Meet your child’s teachers. Introduce yourself as soon as possible instead of waiting until problems arise.
    • Read about the school. At the beginning of the year, schools often give parents information about rules and curriculum. If you didn't receive these materials, ask for them.
    • Keep track of your child’s progress in school. If his or her grades slip, contact teachers for help.
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences. Request meetings with teachers at other times if you feel the need.
    • Get to know the school counselors. Counselors are a resource for academic and mental health supports.