IB Dance

Dance #1
IB Dance students with Delhi Dance Exchange students
  • Video of Where is the Love - watch and practice it!!

    IB Dance is a year long course designed to introduce students to history of dance, basic choreographic principles, and some specific dance traditions.  Students are expected to participate in dance technique instruction, view and critique performances, and begin to compose small pieces.
    If students are going to do the IB exam in Dance, they must be in the course all year, and explore choreography and performance in their learning
    Attendance at two performances per semester is required, but more is encouraged, and guest dance teachers will be part of the instruction also.

     This class is supported by the schoology page:  schoology.spps.org    

     You can log in with your SPPS active directory log in:  Sxxxxxx and password


    Link to Shannon's K-Pop piece - learn it!!!


    Our IB Dance class is honored to have been invited to perform with the Katha Dance Company in the production of "The Pourush", at O'Shaugnessay Auditorium.  The company director and guest artists from Delhi, India, have been working with the class for the past three weeks.


    Link to Old School Hip Hop  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZcMlJLYsC8

    Link to Werk out video is here:  https://vimeo.com/148173212   The password is : highland
    Music of 'Werk Out' is below.  Practice!!