Women's Economic Security Act

  • In May 2014 the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA) was passed into law in the State of Minnesota.

    While reasonable accommodations for nursing mothers have long been part of state and federal law, WESA added clarity to what types of spaces should be made available for the purpose of expressing breast milk.

    Those spaces should:

    • Be shielded from view
    • Be free from intrusion from coworkers and the public
    • Include access to an electrical outlet

    Examples of appropriate spaces include unoccupied, lockable classrooms, private offices, or a Nurse’s Office. Toilet stalls do not meet the letter or intent of the law.

    If you are a nursing mom and need assistance finding an appropriate place to pump, please work with your Site Administrator (typically the Principal) or contact the Facilities Department One-Stop at 651-744-1800 and they will work with you to find a space in your building that is suitable.