• My Schedule:

    • Period 1 Applications & Interpretations SL1
    • Period 2 Applications & Interpretations SL1
    • Period 4 Applications & Interpretations SL2
    • Period 6 Applications & Interpretations SL2
    • Period 7 Applications & Interpretations SL1

    Applications and Interpretations SL1 and SL2 prepares students for the International Baccalaureate exam each May.  It is a two year course designed by IB for the college bound student who is not going to major in math or science.  It consists of a review of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and learning some precalculus, calculus, probabolity and statistics.  They are both year long courses that prepare students for the IB exam.  Some students who came up the Analysis and Approaches track of our course offerings at Highland are able to successfully skip the SL1 course if they choose to cross over. The majority of the students choose to take the exam and our past students have done very well.   Feel free to contact me or a counselor to find out if Applications and Interpretations is the right course for you.


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