Anatomy and Physiology

  • Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology.  This course is designed for students who are intereseted in going into the medical field or want to learn more about the human body.   


    Lab is a part of this class.  As we start 2020 this will look different due to online learning.  It's an experiment for all of us and I'm always open to suggestions and great ideas.  As a student of science you will design your own lab investigations on what interests you within given topics.  Lab Reports are expected to be done individually unless otherwise specified.  Although you may take data as a group your lab report should be your own thoughts, ideas, and words.  


    All grading follows the Highland Park grading policy and IB rubrics


    What does this mean???

    Your Best at Engagement:

     -  Stay engaged!  

     -  Participate in class.

     -  Complete each task with to the best of your ability whether you love it or not.  

     -  Complete your work on time to the best of your ability, and take advantage of every single point available to you.

     -  Be Consistent.  Anatomy is a year long class and I expect your best the entire year

    Your Best at  Communication:

     -  Ask Questions!

     -  Schedule a time with me to learn if you don't understand

     -  Stay focused and on topic with what we are talking about

     -  Be able to work with people from many different backgrounds.

     -  Express frustrations or concerns in a productive manner.


     -  Be proactive not reactive.  If a problem arises please communicate with me as soon as possible so we can figure out a strategy together.

    Be Your Best at Everything you do, and I'll give you my best every single day!

    I'm glad I get the opportunity to teach you this year and I'm looking forward to a great 2018-2019!