Assessment Information

  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) uses various methods to identify advanced learners.

    K-5 students may take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT7) or submit a portfolio for review. Students in SPPS are assessed through the CogAT7 and/or the portfolio process. It is our intention to provide multiple measures for students to be identified for services. When students are identified for accelerated services this identification remains with them throughout their K-12 academic career in SPPS.



    SPPS administers the CogAT7 to students enrolled in SPPS schools. The CogAT7 measures general reasoning abilities in three areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal (visual-spatial). 

    ● All students are assessed in kindergarten and grade 2. Students in grades 1, 3, 4 and 5 may be
    nominated for testing.
    ● All students, including those receiving English Language Learner or Special Education services, are
    included in the assessment process.
    ● Students identified as advanced learners are eligible to receive TDAS services at each school
    (K-12). Re-testing is not required.

  • Portfolio

    Students who do not attend SPPS schools and reside in the city of Saint Paul may submit a portfolio. However, students must reside within the city of Saint Paul to submit a portfolio and have it reviewed. Click HERE to submit a portfolio.

    For many students, academic aptitude is not reflected well on standardized tests. The portfolio assesses students through multiple measures. It is multi-dimensional and collaborative, providing an overview of the student's strengths, talents, and potential.

    The portfolio includes submissions from teachers and/or school staff, parents/guardians, and may include outside parties who can speak to a student's academic strengths. The portfolio may include scale responses, recommendations, work samples and assessment scores. 

  • Prior Identification

    Families moving into Saint Paul and enrolling in Saint Paul Public Schools may submit proof of an IQ score of 130 or greater, assessed by a licensed psychologist, or identification in a previous school district. Please contact for more information.




    Grade Level

    CogAT 7 Assessment

    Portfolio Process

    Other Information


    All kindergarten SPPS students are assessed.

    -At all grade levels students who have not been identified for accelerated services  may have a portfolio submitted.
    -Information regarding the portfolio process can be found on the  Portfolio Overview Process page.
    -Students who live in St. Paul and do not attend SPPS may have a portfolio submitted as part of the gifted services identification process.
    -All students including students receiving English Language Learner or Special Education services are included in the the gifted services assessment process.
    -To nominate a student for the CogAT7 test, contact the student's teacher. They will forward all nominations to the school assessment coordinator.
    SPPS=St. Paul Public Schools


    Nominated SPPS first graders are assessed.


    All SPPS second graders are assessed unless previously identified.


    Nominated SPPS third graders are assessed.


    Nominated SPPS fourth graders are assessed.


    Nominated SPPS fifth graders are assessed.