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    V4-0111-1 Beginning Drawing          1 semester
    Students will explore design and drawing techniques by studying various subject matters throughout Art History and from around the world including illustration and artistic graffiti.  Students will work with graphite and colored pencil as well as the mediums of pen/ink, pastels and charcoal to communicate three dimensional forms on flat paper.  Students will study value, proportion, light, and perspective through the human figure, still life, portraiture and an array of free choice subjects.  Students will begin to refine their personal artistic style and understanding of the Principles and processes of Visual Arts.

    Prerequisite: none

    Beginning Syllabus


    V4-0114-1 Advanced Drawing         1 semester

    Students continue to demonstrate their understanding of the artistic process, formal organization and drawing techniques.  The students will also demonstrate the ability to interpret and evaluate complex works of art. Students are encouraged to experiment with subject matter as well as materials, and create artworks that reflect sensitivity, commitment, and an understanding of aesthetic considerations.

    Prerequisite: earning a C or better in beginning drawing

    Advanced Syllabus