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  • Circles of Support

    As our St. Paul and larger Minnesota community holds the ongoing harm and complexity of George Floyd's killing, amidst a deeply strained season of COVID-19, the Office of School Support and our Restorative Practices community wish to support in whatever spaces and ways in which we can.

    Circle Keepers from the SPPS Restorative Practices community are available to assist schools and district departments in holding Circles of Support for staff or students. If you would like to request the assistance of an experienced circle keeper to offer a Circle of Support for your work site, please complete this FORM. Our team will review and contact you to collaborate on next steps. 

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  • Resources for Families during Distance Learning (COVID-19)

    Saint Paul Public Schools strives to provide support for families during distance learning. Families can find a list of common topics and needs listed below and resources that are available. We recognize that school closure, distance learning, and COVID-19 may cause extra stress to many in our school community, including families, students and staff. Even though we are apart from each other physically, we want to stay in communication and connected to best serve the SPPS community. If your family needs support, reach out to your school’s counselor or social worker. You can also read below, or click HERE. Find more resources on the SPPS School Counseling page HERE


    Mental Health

    This is a stressful time for students and families. Reach out to your school’s counselor or social worker for support for your child’s mental health and to be connected with community resources, where appropriate. 

    • School Social Worker List and School Counselor List
    • Read more about SPPS Mental Health supports for families during COVID-19 by clicking HERE
      • Two of our School-Based Mental Health providers are providing additional mental health support to students,  families and staff during this Distance Learning period: 

        • Change, Inc. has opened a Mental Health Support Line that is staffed by mental health professionals and practitioners. Calls are answered Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. SPPS families or staff may call this number for brief phone support, referrals to community resources, or ongoing mental health services. They have the capacity to provide phone support in Burmese, English, Hmong, Karen, Poe Karen, Spanish, and Thai. The phone number is: 651-262-5858.
        • Health Start Clinic will continue to provide some service at Gordon Parks Senior High. They provide essential, preventative medical care and crisis mental health care from 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Youth ages 12-23 may call for appointments at 651-793-2234.
    • If your child is experiencing an immediate mental health crisis, call Children’s Crisis Response at 651-266-7878 or call 911. 
    • Mental Health and Wellness Activities (compiled by SPPS School Counselors), click HERE



    Students should participate in distance learning every school day. Attendance is taken when students respond to a morning prompt or participate in a class in SeeSaw or Schoology. Learn more HERE


    Basic Needs Resources



    If you believe your student has been bullied or harassed while participating in distance learning, report it to your child’s teacher, school counselor, or principal.

    • Find your school counselor by clicking HERE


    Distance Learning Support

    Distance learning is new to all of us. We’re here to support your child’s learning. 

    • Find answers to questions and support for online learning by clicking HERE



    Starting April 20, food will be delivered to homes of families who qualify for free/reduced lunch. Food pick up will also be available to families. 

    • Learn more about SPPS Meal Service During the COVID-19 Closures by clicking HERE
    • Find community resources for food in Ramsey County by clicking HERE or in the SPPS Social Workers Resources by clicking HERE
    • If you still need help connecting with these resources, contact your school social worker or counselor


    Housing & Homelessness

    If your family is homeless, living in a shelter, or staying with a friend/family member (doubled up) or facing homelessness, help is available. 

    • Learn about Project Reach by clicking HERE. Contact Anne McInerney (anne.mcinerney@spps.org) if you have questions or need assistance during distance learning. 
    • Find community resources for housing in Ramsey County by clicking HERE or in the SPPS Social Workers Resources by clicking HERE


    Talking to Your Child about COVID-19

    Adults play an important role in helping children understand the changes in our community as a result of COVID-19.

    • Find advice from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by clicking HERE
    • Learn more about how to talk to children about the crisis from the National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses by clicking HERE (in English) and HERE (in Spanish).
    • Discover more resources from SPPS Social Workers Resources by clicking HERE


    Other Resources


    The Department of School Climate and Support is now the Office of School Support.

    Saint Paul Public Schools recognizes the importance of supporting the improvement of school culture and increasing supports to students and staff across the district. Positive school culture is vital for SPPS to provide a premier education for all.

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    Restorative Practices

    Restorative Practices are ways for a school community to build relationships, problem solve and learn. In this approach, relationships are the most important way we learn about the world and ourselves.

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    Social Emotional Learning

    The Office of School Support works in collaboration with SPPS departments to expand and improve the menu of promising, evidence-based social emotional learning practices in use across the district.

  • mental health and wellness

    Mental Health and Wellness

    Mental Health and Wellness refers to the continuum of emotional supports available to students and staff.

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    Staff Resources

    Resources for staff provided by the Office of School Support.


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